Owen A. 12/29/2020
Elk Grove, CA

Cheri Simmons has only been very professional in all aspects of my divorce. From my first meeting until the final papers she has only provided professional knowledge and understanding in my case. I highly recommend her to everyone I have talked to about their divorce. Cheri helps in explaining all phases and how my divorce would play out with the information we had to work with. When I met Cheri for the first time my decision to go forward became more clear as I proceeded with my case with her knowledge and understanding about how each case is different while the same. I highly recommend Cheri Simmons hands down. I hired the best and got the results I needed to continue with peace of mind moving forward in my life. Thank you!


Maria L. 1/5/2019
San Francisco, CA

A friend, who worked with Ms. Simmons, highly recommended her. Trusting my friend, who spoke highly of Ms. Simmons, I changed attorneys, driving to Sacramento from San Francisco. I was in awe watching Ms. Simmons handling my case. The attorney I previously worked with was so incompetent, Ms. Simmons had to fix a lot of his mistakes. From the very beginning I knew I could trust her and that my case is in excellent hands. Her work ethic, diligence, attention to details, thoroughness, knowledge of law, people skills, communication skills and perseverance are among many other qualities that make her an excellent professional, a pleasure to work with and a wonderful being. I am so grateful!


Michael M. 11/15/2018
Elk Grove, CA

We have used the services of Cheri Simmons for over 3 years. Cheri has always met our expectations and does her work in a professional yet personable manner.


Lin M. 11/12/2018
Elk Grove, CA

I have employed Cheri Simmons for more than two years and have found her services to be professional, delivering advice and representation in court that were successful. Cheri provides her legal expertise in a friendly and personable manner.


Rodney S. 11/12/2018
Sacramento, CA

The old adage "You get what you pay for" certainly applies to Mrs. Simmons law practice. I can personally attest to the absolute professionalism and knowledge around a courtroom that Cheri has to offer due to all of her years and years of experience. I owe her huge compliments in helping me thru a terribly contentious divorce and child custody battle that first began back in the early 2000's. Cheri put my child's interests first and helped me gain sole custody of my daughter at age 9. Then my divorce went dormant for nearly 15 years as my would ex filed appeal after appeal. It wasn't until 2018 that I brought Cheri back on board to finalize the actual divorce after having raised my daughter and granting her an opportunity to lead a happy and productive life as a well adjusted young lady. None of this would have been possible if it were not for Cheri's superior leadership, compromised knowledge of the Family Law process and diligent hard work. She is extremely detail oriented and never leaves any legal opportunity for the opposing party to undermine the best interests of her client AND MORE IMPORTANTLY THE CHILDREN INVOLVED. I quite literally can't thank Cheri enough for what she has done for me and my daughter. She has given us both a chance to lead a happy life again.
Cheri is the best of the best.


Juan M. 11/8/2018
Sacramento, CA

I went through two attorneys, wasted time and money. Cheri, resolved the issues and saved me time and money.


Ida O. 11/5/2018
Elk Grove, CA

Until the last few years I haven't had experience with attorneys. I got a crash course how there is such a vast difference in this field. Cheri was the first attorney ( and I went through four) that new her way around a courtroom and the system of which we call justice. During a tumultuous custody
Cheri stepped in and took the entire file box full of court documents found the errors( which were many) and addressed the issues one by one. The end result with her was a fair order in which without her expertise would have never happened. I found that attorneys love to sell you on their dream of being able to represent you but only one of the four truly represented the need of the client. Of course there is cost involved to have a good attorney!!!! Ask yourself this question... to what length will I go to get the best for my child.
Cheri Simmons was and still will be the one that I give credit to for the well being of a custody dispute. End result .... without Cheri we would still be in turmoil, the courts would still have me in their system, and life would not be a life for any parties involved. Thank you Cheri for teaching me the true meaning of fortitude.


Magen E. 11/1/2018
Elk Grove, CA

In the middle of 2016 I retained Cheri to be my attorney in what was a tornado of a custody battle that I had already been fighting since June of 2014. Cheri was my FOURTH attorney that I retained during this horrible time in my life. I had three previous attorney's that had cost my family and I well over 100k and all they did was make matters worse for my son, myself and everyone involved. When I found Cheri I was lost, I felt defeated, hopeless.. but she gathered all of the facts that I was able to give her and some of which she was able to find on her own and started putting the pieces of this broken puzzle back together. The court system in general is not a walk in the park as you would say, but having Cheri made this walk do-able. I FINALLY after almost 3 years, saw a light at the end of this tunnel.

She is confident, humble, and most of all honest. On January 13, 2017 the private mediator, Cheri, myself & my sons father all sat down. We had a very long but deep conversation about our lives, how this situation was effecting our lives, and finally we were able to come to an agreement. When I say we had an EVIL battle I mean one of the worst battles you can think of was definitely this case. Neither my sons father nor myself were perfect people especially at that time. We were bitter, filled with disappointment because the relationship didn't work out, and we honestly just weren't coping well. CHERI SIMMONS showed us the way through this dark hole we dragged each other into.

She did not just help me as the MOTHER of this child she helped my son's father see that our future will be better if we just get along. It is now November 01, 2018 and its been over a year and a half since my family has seen a court room. My son's father and I get along amazingly now and we enjoy watching our son grow up TOGETHER. This woman (Cheri Simmons) changed multiple lives the day she took on my custody case. I have recommended her to people and I will continue to do so. She stands by her word, she is a very graceful and humble fighter in the courtroom and MOST importantly she has and always will look out for the BEST interest of your children. From the bottom of my heart I will forever thank her!


Raft R. 10/4/2018
San Francisco, CA

I want to thank Cheri for doing such an outstanding job representing me. She is very resourceful and organized. Her thorough understanding of family law make her a clear choice. If you are looking for a fast and affordable end to your troubles I highly recommend Cheri.


Nan S.3/11/2015
Jackson, CA

Cheri is an excellent attorney who provided me comprehensive legal advice when I was going through a separation. She listened to my situation and helped me separate fact from emotion, which allowed me to deal with the issues more intelligently. When I was in court with her, I observed her to be well-respected by the court and other attorneys. I benefitted from her advocacy and her guidance during a difficult time in my life.