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Divorce and Dissolution of Marriage
Divorce or dissolution of marriage is the termination of the marriage by the court.

Termination of Domestic Partnership
Termination of domestic partnership is the legal termination by the court of the domestic partnership.

Nullity of Marriage or Domestic Partnership
A judgment for nullity establishes the status of the parties as that of single people, as though the marriage or domestic partnership between the parties is not recognized under the law.

Paternity Actions
Either party may ask the court to determine who are the parents of a child, and to determine the rights of each parent.

Legal Separation
Under some circumstances, parties may wish to remain legally married and still obtain a legal separation in which the court determines their property rights and rights to support.

Child Custody - Legal Custody and Physical Custody

Legal Custody concerns the authority of a party to decide the child’s education, religion, and medical care (in a non-emergency situation).

Physical Custody concerns the authority of a party to actually control and care for the child.

Child Visitation
Child visitation is the parenting time of the parties with their children either by agreement and/or by court order.

Child Support
Child support is the money paid by one party to the other party based upon the children they are legally obligated to support. The court may order child support in appropriate circumstances.

Spousal Support
Spousal support is the money paid by one party to the other party for the support of the spouse receiving the funds. The court may order temporary spousal support and/or long term spousal support in appropriate circumstances.

Property Division
Either party can ask the court to determine the property rights of the parties.

Domestic Violence and Other Restraining Orders
Temporary Restraining Orders, as well as long term restraining orders, are issued by the court to limit or restrict the conduct of one party toward another party and/or the children.

Original Court Orders and Modifications of Current Court OrdersEither party can ask the court to make initial/original orders concerning custody, support, property, or other issues.

Similarly, either party can ask the court to modify or change the “current” court orders and make different orders.

Prenuptial Agreements and Marital Agreements
Prenuptial agreements are contracts entered into before marriage which effect the rights of the parties if the marriage ends in divorce.

Marital Agreements are contracts entered into during the marriage which effect the rights of the parties regarding their assets and debts and other obligations.

Out of State Custody and Support Orders
Court orders from a court outside of California regarding custody, support or property require special care when a party is seeking enforcement or modification by a California court.